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Pinwheel Empire Analytics

This year - we're getting analytical. Our team is tracking storylines and trends we're finding interesting. We'll always publish to twitter, but you'll find them all here. 

Analysis led by Quinn MacLean ||
Full Report:

Advanced Stats Comparison helps to show how player’s contribute to overall team’s success.


Yet again, "defense" was the main focus in the off-season. Neil Olshey asserted that the defensive problems were coaching, and not a roster issue.


As of November 1st, the Blazers Team defense has improved year over year (YoY) with a decrease in FG % by 4%, which is the 6th best improvement YoY.  Can they keep this up?

At the trade deadline in Feb 2021, the Blazers traded fan favorite and fashion legend Gary Trent Jr. for Norman Powell from Toronto. 

Powell ended up signing a five-year,  $90MM contract. Did this improve the team?​

CJ McCollum was scorching hot before his injury last year. He's started off nicely this season with our eyes test, but is he on pace to have numbers of an All-Star player? 

We're keeping an eye on Player Pairings hoping it'll answer questions on when X should be playing with Y and for various in-game scenarios.

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